Wellness Plans

As part of Cornwallis Road Animal Hospitals’ ongoing commitment to providing optimal care for your pets, we are offering affordable wellness plans from the time your pet is a puppy or kitten into their senior years.

Optional Addons:

Spay/Neuter (for Puppy/Kitten & Adult Plans):
Only $70 a Month Alone for 6 Months

or $30 a Month with Full Wellness Plan for 12 Months

Includes Pre-Operative Bloodwork, Anesthesia Monitoring, IV Catheter & Fluids, Pain & Antibiotic Injections and Nursing Care (does not include E-collar or medication to go home; additional fees apply for cryptorchid, in-heat, or pregnant)

Dental Hygiene Cleaning (for Adult & Senior Plans):
Only $70 a Month Alone for 6 Months

or $30 a Month with Full Wellness Plan for 12 Months

Includes Scaling, Polishing, Anesthesia, Oral Radiographs, IV Catheter & Fluids, Monitoring, Recovery & Pain Injection (does not include additional anesthesia for dental disease > level 1-2, extractions, oral surgery, or medications to go home)

12 Month Supply of Prevention (for Adult & Senior Plans):
Only $35 a Month Alone for 12 Months

or $30 a Month with Full Wellness Plan for 12 months

Includes 12-month supply of Canine or Feline Heartworm & Flea/Tick Prevention. You will receive a 6-month supply on day 1 of the plan and another 6-month supply after six months.

Ready To Get Started?

Why Wellness Plans?

Preventive care is vital for the overall health of your pet. A wellness plan provides the needed vaccinations, exams and tests ensure your pet’s health and greatly increases the chances of finding any potential issues early for better outcomes and lower costs. 

Cost Effective

Enrolling in a wellness plan enables us to lower the total cost of the services in your plan and saves your money!

Monthly Payments

Large bills are a thing of the past. Paying a monthly fee allows you to spread out the cost and always know what to prepare for.


Wellness plans allow you take a proactive approach to managing your pet’s health and make sure they are cared for properly.

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